Preview: ‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’ student-led photography exhibition @ Islington Mill – 9th-11th May

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Featured Image: Lucy Warburton

A new photography exhibition titled ‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’, is set to showcase their work of Manchester Met Photography students this May.

The exhibition, held at Islington Mill, will collectively depict 12 students’ individual perspectives on the themes of time, memory, and social media in order to draw attention to the intricacies of everyday life.

Examples include work on how social media warps our memory, as well as how our realities and perceptions of time have been affected throughout the last few years.

The event is designed to be interactive, prompting visitors to spend time with each piece and will feature the work of Indiya Poole, Archie Raper, Ben Redshaw, Lucy Rowe, Thando Rusike, Amy Smith, Oliva Spalding, Aubrey Tee-Weaver, Lucy Warburton, Libby Waugh, Orrin Whitehead St. Pierre, and Brodie Whittaker.

Each artist aims to open a dialogue on how art and photography is often scrolled past and forgotten under the constant flow of the internet, making the viewer question their own perceptions of time, memory, and their relationship with social media.

In addition to the exhibition, the 12 featured students are allowing viewers to take a piece of the project home in the form of postcard prints, tote bags and more.

The ‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’ free exhibition will take place from Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th at Islington Mill, 1 James Street, Salford.

For artist introductions and more information, search for @blink.exhibition on Instagram.

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