Road safety campaign asks drivers to ‘See the Rider Not the Bike’

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Safer Roads Greater Manchester have launched a new campaign to keep cyclists safe from harm by asking drivers to play their part and pay attention. 

The ‘See the Rider Not the Bike’ campaign features images of everyday cyclists and reminds drivers of the requirement to leave at least 1.5 metres in space when overtaking at 30mph or larger at higher speeds.  

These are changes that were made to the Highway Code were made in January 2022. It also states that drivers unable to meet the minimum safe distance should wait behind the cyclist until appropriate and that drivers have responsibility as the vehicles on the road most likely to cause harm. 

Recent research states that behavior of other road users is the biggest reason for people not cycling regularly and that close passing and inattentive driving are two of the most frightening experiences for cyclists. 

Dame Sarah Storey, Active Travel Commissioner for Greater Manchester, said: “Being able to choose to ride to the shops, school or work shouldn’t need to come with a side helping of bravery because you are afraid a driver may frighten you by not giving you enough space. Like all road users, people riding bikes are just everyday people using the road for everyday trips. 

“I particularly like the See The Rider Not The Bike campaign because it focuses on the human side of making a journey by bike and is a call to action for drivers to play their part in ensuring more trips by bike are enjoyable and free from the fear of being involved in a near miss or collision. 

According to figures from the Department for Transport, five cyclists were killed and 127 were seriously injured in 2021 across Greater Manchester.

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