Creative Submission: Morning Sun by Thomas Gallimore Barker

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Artwork: Laura Southgate @lsouthgateart

Morning Sun:

Squeaks and scratches plummet from the ceiling,

cut deep, her sighs bend with the desperate desire

to be the gull   flying into the sun, whose wings

waft in the quiet company

   of the wind.

She wants freedom, from the reminders

  that she’s adrift in this world.

Vulnerable atop the silk   she is creased by her shadows,

not even the soft material provides comfort

from the reminders of what it’s like     to feel

the felt-like texture of rolling the skin

like a cigarette

            ready to be burned.

She wants to peel it all away,

crumple up the tatters and toss them aside,

      a phoenix from her funeral pyre,

reincarnated under the morning sun.

This creative piece was submitted as part of our May Theme: Body. If you would like to submit your own creative work to aAh! Magazine, please email, and be sure to check our latest “Letter from the Editors” to find out next month’s theme.

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