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Tooth gems and gender fluid styling: A conversation with stylist Molly Muzsla

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To highlight the creative and diverse student scene, aAh! Magazine is showcasing Molly Muzsla, a final year Manchester Met Fashion Promotion student.

When Molly is not studying, she is making the world brighter, more colourful and fluid with her unique approach to styling. In the meantime, she keeps dreaming about her aesthetics – gems.

A picture can speak a thousand words. We ask Molly to share three images of her work that mean a lot to her.

Molly: “I have chosen these three images as I feel they sum up my freelance styling work on a whole. The first and third images are from a recent shoot, in which I played around with an overall colour palette to display different styles. In the first image, a more streetwear led feel and the final image a more contemporary feeling, I feel like both images are strong in terms of showing off the garment whilst also being visually beautiful.

“The second image is from a shoot I styled in Newcastle on Seaton Sluice beach. This shoot held a formal feeling with interesting pieces as focal pieces, I really enjoy the calming aura this shoot gives me of the peaceful beach and the idea of breathing easy, especially in a time that I have spent a lot of time trapped indoors!  

“Overall, I would say that my strong suit lies within menswear streetwear styling however due to this I try to push myself to adapt to women’s formal/contemporary wear as well.”

Tell us something about yourself and your work. What did bring you into fashion and styling? Was it a gradual process or a specific light bulb moment?

“Initially I enjoyed English at school which led me down the path of journalism, which then gave me the idea of studying fashion journalism. In the end, I cut out the middleman and decided to study fashion without the journalism at university. Through the guidance in workshops and lectures, I discovered my passion of styling, which blossomed from my love of creating and storytelling, as to me the two share similarities.”

What inspires your work most (this of course can be anything!)?

“Oooh good question and a tricky one! I think I draw a lot of inspiration from being, which does sound a bit deep. Existing, seeing and doing new things fuels my creative energies I’d say, for example, one day I sat in bed and had an idea for a streetstyle formal shoot. It is an amalgamation of things everywhere.”

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about the fashion world?

“This one is tricky too! My favourite thing would be the freedom it gives, which also leads to one of my least favourite things, which would be the amount of it! Also, the earth! I’ll keep that one short and sweet or I’ll be here all day.”

About your personal style: does it reflect you, if so what does “style” mean to you?

“My style reflects me. To sum it up, I would say that my mum would describe it as dressing “like a boy”, but I would say that I am drawn to fits and styles are stereotypically masculine, such as oversized silhouettes and layers, but with a feminine twist, such as shiny things, tights or velour. It is just a fluid mish-mash!”

What is your favourite thing about Manchester?

“I feel like I’m broadening my cultural and creative horizons by living here!”

Fast forward, where do you see yourself in let’s say, five years?

Job Title: “Styling/Marketing/Art Direction”

Location: “Manchester? London? Amsterdam if Patta will have me.”

Life: “I hope I finally plucked up the courage to get a permanent tooth gem! It’s the little things right?”

You can see Molly’s work over on Instagram @molmuzsla and

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  1. Z. 1st December 2020 at 10:38 pm -  Reply

    Such a great read on an interesting project. Definitely will be following for more styling work on Instagram! X

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