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Interview: Get to Know Ambient Rock Group Fox Violet

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aAh! Magazine remotely catches up with Thea, the front-woman of Fox Violet. Thea tells us about their new single, the challenges of being a woman in rock music and how Fox Violet are staying musically active during the current situation.

Tell us a bit about Fox Violet?

“My name is Thea, and I front the project Fox Violet, an ambient dark pop rock act based in LA.”

How did you settle on the title of your latest single/ep/album?

“The new single is called, ‘I’ll take your pain.’ I wanted to put something into the world that felt like a reflection of our current situation. There is a lot of anguish right now due to events out of our control, so in as best a way as I can, “I’ll take your pain,” I hope provides some cathartic release from this.”

What was your writing and process like behind the new music? 

“This single actually was written months ago, it was a commentary on the dissolution of a relationship, on that feeling of both powerlessness and deep set sensory overload that you feel, mixed with anger. Within those moments are also moments of confusion, and it is the dissonance of emotions that sits at the heart of this song. In a relationship breakdown, after all is said and done you still don’t want the other person to hurt, “I’ll take your pain,” came from this.

“The song looks back at a relationship to ask the ‘other’ questions, like where were you when I needed you. It questions why we stay in situations that are toxic and confusing, especially when we lay ourselves on the line for that person, event or situation. I wanted and want to convey a message that is both personal and abstract at the same time.”

How have you found translating the single/ep/album to a live setting?

“I love the challenge this presents to a band setting and its a real joy to hear all the moving parts come together live. I only got to perform this new song once before the global pandemic hit, but it was a wonderful experience.”

Which song has been your favourite to play live?

“I am loving this one, but I also really love to play my song, ‘Freak’ which is very personal to me.”

What are your biggest influences in music?

“I am obsessed with this weird state between dreaming and being awake and what this does to our brain’s ability to discern between memory, story and fantasy. I draw heavily from the visuals that flood my brain from lucid dreams and I tend to re-live these in a sensory way when I am writing them into a song. I’m pretty fascinated with subliminal, subconscious messaging.”

What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while being in the music industry?

“As a woman in indie rock, to stay true to your gut no matter what anyone is saying to you, and in spite of how anyone might be behaving towards you. People will always want you to be different than how you are, and will always judge you no matter what you do. It’s impossible to please everyone. At the end of the day I care about trying to live with honesty even if it’s hard on me.”

What would you say was your favourite moment so far? 

“I was due to play a big show in NYC this summer (currently most likely this will be postponed) and that felt like a dream come true. I love NYC and even though I am from London and live in LA, NYC feels like a big fit for this music. I also am so excited to have been on the radio, that was the best feeling in the absolute world.”

What is in store for you next?

“There are a few more singles being ready to be released in the next few months, I am writing brand new music and I’m hosting Facebook music concerts for musicians called Living Room Sessions.”

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