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5 Coats You Must Have This Spring

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Fed up of the stormy weather we’ve been cursed with this year so far?

Dressing for uni can seem like such a chore, especially if you’re spending most of it in the library. Due to the unfortunate series of storms, rain and even snow, it’s safe to say that decent fashion hasn’t really been an option. Instead, the pac-a-macs have made an appearance, taking over any chance of looking cool and comfy on campus.

However, now that the weather is starting to ever so slightly subside, here are five coats that will brighten your everyday university look, even on the gloomiest of days:

1. Keep it casual and comfy in this oversized teddy bear jacket (COLLUSION)


2. For when the rain eases off and you want something light yet loud (Monki)

Asos, £38

3. For when the rain just won’t go away (Monki)

Monki, £75

All of the above would work best with your fave comfy jeans and your go-to jumper for keeping warm. Or if you really want to elevate your comfort levels, stick on a pair of joggers to feel like you’ve never left your bed.

4. When the sun decides to make an appearance (Monki)

Monki, £40

5. It isn’t spring without a splash of pastel (ASOS Design)

Asos Design, £38

The last two looks are best pulled off when the rain finally decides to have a break and let us fulfil our spring pastel-coloured looks.

Place the peach coloured jacket from Monki with your best light wash jeans and a statement headband. The lilac jacket from Asos Design is for when you feel like being extra fancy around campus.

Partner this with your fave jeans and trainers, and you’re ready to go.

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