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Images of Lady Gaga’s Hause Released!

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By Shawna Healey

Lady Gaga shared announcements of her well-awaited makeup brand a couple of days ago, and now we’ve seen photos and prices of the collection that’s currently up for pre order.

Haus Laboratories is being sold directly on Amazon, which is a first for a makeup brand.

There will be six lines within the collection: Haus of Chained Ballerina, Haus of Goddess, Haus of Rose B*tch, Haus of Rockstar, and Haus of Metal Head. Each collection (£46) will consist of a lipgloss called Le Riot Lip Gloss (£29) a lip liner called RIP Lip Liner (£24) and an all over shimmer called Glam Attack (34). These will be available to purchase in limited edition duo packs.

The all over shimmer duos come in 3 shades: Downtown Punk, Give ‘Em Heaven, and Speed Queen. The duo pack of lip liners also come in 3 shades of: Slay Me, Royalty, and Floor It. The lip gloss duo packs come in shades: Hypocrite, Laced and Seductress.

The pre-order is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Days on the 15th and 16th of July.

The collection has been praised for its marketing images which shows the makeup swatched, and looking flattering, on different skin tones.

However, the release has been described as “meh” by some online, and with the pre-release date being described as “questionable” as many Amazon workers are striking on Prime Day due to exploitative working conditions.

You can pre-order the release here.

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