“I’m a feminist because… our humanity is more important than our gender”

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In the run up to Reclaim the Night Manchester UK 2017 on February 23, we’re asking students to share their experiences and tell us why they’re a feminist.

By Mia Shepherd

I am a feminist because our humanity is more important than our gender

I am a feminist because a lot of us are still being treated as lesser beings

I am a feminist because privilege still exists

I am a feminist because Brock Turner only served three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman

I am a feminist because equality is important

I am a feminist because down with patriarchy

I am a feminist because socially constructed norms suck!

As a feminist, I also march. Why am I marching?

A lot of people ask what’s the point in marching as “it doesn’t change anything.” What’s the point in standing together, unified against a cause? What’s the point of having the sense of being? What’s the point in realising your values are shared?

Those who feel alone, and many of us do, who spend many a night, screaming into our pillows, trying to sleep and escape the nightmare that exists outside, we march to let our internal screams be heard. We march as one. We march in solidarity and strength.

We march knowing our nightmares aren’t going to be solved in the sunrise, nor the sunset the next day. We march knowing that our battles will still continue. We march so the rest of the world can take baby steps and catch up to us.

We march because we have to. We march together and together we are strong. Our voices are heard. We will never ever silently resist. We will always be peaceful but we will always be fighting.

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