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Club Review: Antwerp Mansion

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By Hannah Lewis

Image: Antwerp Mansion.com

Hidden down a side street, just off curry mile, is one of the most unique and, for many, one of the best clubs Manchester has to offer. The only indication that you’ve ended up at the right place, is a graffiti-ed wooden gate, with some burly looking bouncers standing by it. Once you’re past them, you have to walk down what looks like someone’s unkempt garden path, leading you to a dilapidated Victorian mansion. Welcome to Antwerp Mansion.

By day, this venue hosts arts events, focusing on film and photo shoots. By night, it becomes ‘Manchester’s most vibrant, electric and eclectic location for a full spectrum of club music’, according to their website.  However, Antwerp isn’t for everyone. The music played here is not your average club soundtrack, with themed nights ranging from disco to grime, and pretty much anything in between.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? A few rules first. Don’t wear your brand-new trainers, they will get trashed. Come to think of it, don’t wear anything new, or white, as they definitely won’t look the same by the end of the night.

Apart from that, this is a place where you can wear whatever you fancy, no judgements. The atmosphere is friendly; people come here to have a boogie and a good night. Drinks are reasonably cheap, although expect no cocktails, a can of Red Stripe is the go to. There may be no toilet roll – or toilets doors come to think of it – but it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. And to top it all off, Antwerp Mansion is only a Magic bus or a short walk from Fallowfield.

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