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Album Review: Season High by Little Dragon

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By Clara Thomas

It’s been three years since Little Dragon released their last album, but they’ve been keeping busy, featuring as guest artist on over seven singles since Nabuma Rubberband dropped in 2014. Recent projects have included last summer’s release with hip-hop masterminds and frequent collaborators De La Soul, the band successfully sustaining eager fans during their absence. Season High is the fifth release by the Swedish quad and the first thing you recognise in this album is its sense of familiarity. Their sound has undoubtedly matured, but still features the same signature blend of experimental and playful synthesised beats which make them so unique.

The ten track album is a colourful blend, switching between trippy biblical references, haunting nostalgia, and new-age 8-bit alternate realities – in only the way that Little Dragon can combine and execute. Celebrate acts as a chromatic introduction to the album, bursting with 80s synthesised pop and demonstrating the elevating essence of Little Dragon. The resonant soulful quality of lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s voice also effortlessly melds the subdued themes of lone-ranger mentality and movement on tracks such as High, as the band entertain travellers in the other worldly music video which accompanies it. Push, another stand out track, features upbeat heavy early dance inspiration, further demonstrating the versatility the band possess. Fans of their earlier work won’t be disappointed, likely to lean towards tracks such as Don’t Cry and Butterflies, which truly show the root of Little Dragon’s discography.

By maintaining their eclectic sound and not conforming to current industry trends, Little Dragon have been able to stay refreshing and new, this relates to any album they’ve released. The songs are a reminder of the subtleties of lyrics combined with dynamic, ever changing melodies, making Season High so endearing to listen to. Little Dragon remain living proof that experimental and unique sounds can still be recognised and coveted in an industry that seems to be less willing to take risks.

You can preorder Season High from Little Dragon’s website here.

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