Top 5 horror films on Netflix right now

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Do you enjoy a good Netflix binge? Want to get into the Halloween mood nice and early? We’ve got you covered. Check our top five must-see horror films on Netflix right now.

By Charlie Jordin

Scream (1996)

This slasher classic, directed by Wes Craven, defies genre conventions and parodies the tropes and ‘rules’ of the horror genre. Set in suburban America, high school students are being murdered by a masked killer who calls his victims before murdering them in their homes. Suspense-filled and comical at times, Scream is the perfect film for those tired of the stereotypical horror film.

American Horror Story

The critically acclaimed series is set in a different time and place each season, but each series is as spooky as the next, including a coven of witches, a haunted house and a travelling freak show. With a dazzling cast including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett, the series provides escapist entertainment, perfect to get into the Halloween mood.

The Babadook

If you’re looking to be genuinely terrified, look no further than The Babadook. A widow raising her young son finds his behaviour becomes erratic as he claims he can see a monster in their house after reading a book called Mister Babadook. The film relies on sincere terror rather than cheap jump scares, making it one of the scariest films of recent years. The film has a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has won multiple awards.

Black Mirror

Described as Twilight Zone for the Twitter generation, the disturbing and introspective Channel 4 series satirises modern life, tackling issues such as society’s dependence on technology and social media as well as politics. Each episode is set in a different place, with different characters, in a dystopian vision of our near-future. What makes the series so darkly profound is how there is a sense that however unbelievable the events that take place are, it could happen.

The Addams Family

The classic 90’s family film follows America’s strangest family as an imposter pretending to be a long lost brother tries to steal money from the family vault. With iconic characters like Morticia and Wednesday Addams, the film is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit and as well as finding costume and decoration inspiration.

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