Tips for students: Buy what you need, save up for what you want

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During your first year of uni, it’s common for lots of students to make mistakes academically, socially and financially. Humanity Hallows asked students for any hints and tips that might make life easier for freshers. Here are some you might want to take on board.

By Wayne Finnigan

1. Spend money wisely

Some people at university are fortunate enough to have a steady income and some are not but either way money management is vital. Students often see their first term as a party season and the resulting overdraft can cripple your finances for a long time. One simple rule can save you a lot of heartache in the long run: Buy what you need, save up for what you want.

2. Maintain a balance

A balance at university is vital. Some people work too much and some party too hard and each has its own benefits. Sticking to your studies and your course may get you that first you are hoping for but you could potentially study to a burnout and lose drive and motivation, Also, sticking to studies means you miss out on the fun social aspect of university. However, on the flip side, having too much of a social life can be bad as well, you won’t get very far partying every night and being hungover daily. Make sure you give time to studying and find that balance.

3. Seek support when you need it

Support is important in everything from starting to walk to retiring from work but, for students in their first year, counselling can be a great help. If you have any problems when it comes to anxiety, procrastination, depression or anything else along those lines, not seeking the appropriate help can really jeopardize your grade, your social life and even your health. The Manchester Royal Infirmary is the nearest hospital to the All Saints campus and there is a doctor’s office at the university itself. Manchester Met also have their own Counselling, Health and Wellbeing service

4. Explore the city

Exploration around Manchester is amazing and there are so many cool sights to see that are outside of the city centre. Examples of places you can go for some relaxation time include the Trafford Centre, Stockport , Altrincham , Salford Quays , Bury and more. The buses and Metrolink can take you to most places cheaply but if you’re short on time you can always call for a taxi.

5. Have fun!

The most important tip is to have fun. Join sports clubs and societies, experience new things, meet new people, make friends and enjoy your time at uni!

Wayne Finnigan is a 25-year-old first year studying Criminology and Psychology. He is an avid gamer and a member of Manchester Met Gamers

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