Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. World Premiere

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By Jamie Oliver

The world premiere of the theatrical production Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. is coming to the Old Granada Studios in Manchester this March. The performance examines the human life cycle and our relationship with time and comprises of three live performances and a feature-length film. Each strand can be viewed as a stand-alone piece, or together as a day-long event.

LEAD IMAGE B summer landscape option1 (photo by Gavin Parry)

Image courtesy of Gavin Parry

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. is produced by Quarantine, a theatre company based in Manchester. It is also co-produced by the HOME Theatre, Manchester, formerly based in the Cornerhouse building, and is supported by Manchester’s SICK! Festival. The event will be performed by ‘real’ people as opposed to professional actors with each strand of human life presented as one of the four seasons. For example, Spring examines the beginning of life through pregnancy and Winter looks at the concept of death, all four seasons together spanning the full range of humans’ relationship with time, from young children, all the way up to the elderly; from birth to death; from considering this very moment, to looking at history and the future.

The piece will be staged at Manchester’s famous Old Granada Studios, former home to the Coronation Street set and now planned as the future site of The Factory, a 5,000 capacity art centre due to be opened in 2019. The studios have previously been used by Manchester International Festival in 2015 for many performances, including Brian Cox’s The Age of Starlight, and Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. is the first theatre production to be held there.

SAWS - Autumn (1) (photo by Gavin Parry)

Image courtesy of Gavin Parry

The production begins on the 22nd March with each season shown separately, then, from 26th March, all of the performances can be watched as a quartet.

For more information, see the HOME Theatre, Manchester website.

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