Student Voice: ‘Dodgy’ Dave?

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By Louis Brierley

Some people might call me a hypocrite for writing this article. I’m young (just 20!), and don’t have the perspective that a more mature person might with regards to the EU Referendum. However, I can spot a bully a mile away, and this one is leering from my TV screen.

I’m not going to argue for either camp in this debate – but I will argue against the approach taken by David Cameron in recent months: the stonewalling, and hypocritical sophism utilized by the Cabinet. We will see a great deal more of these tactics in coming months, and in writing this article, I want to draw your attention to them.

The first of these pseudo-policies, apparently scribbled in the margins of Machiavelli, is the campaign of shush waged against Brexit speakers, particularly those in the Conservative lobby. In this cough…democratic…cough nation, you might expect the House of Commons, our long-established place for national debate, to be a place of reasonable discussion. If you’re anything like me, you might tune into the latest Parliament hearing and feel the bile rise in your throat; at the jeering, gibbering seeming chimpanzees staffing the seats. You might watch Cameron lounging comfortably in his aisle, confident that, indeed, his side can shout the loudest. This is more a critique of Parliament in general, but has been highlighted by the recent expulsion of MP Dennis Skinner from a debate, heralded by the trumpeting of Tories.

Now, I’ll get to my biggest annoyance. David Cameron, so desperate to paint the debate as fair and democratic, yet Blitzkrieging us with propaganda, has not yet stated any plan for the Brexit scenario. The single most vital thing that might inform our decision – not what the risks and uncertainties are, but what the government will actually do if we leave the EU – has been denied to us. He certainly has a plan it seems (drawn up over many red-faced nights in the Conservative chambers), so nothing remains except that he is keeping it hidden, for the sole purpose of dishonestly weighing our decision.

My language is harsh because I feel like David Cameron is treating me like an idiot. He is treating you like an idiot, to your face, every time you switch on the TV or read his £9,000,000 propaganda pamphlet.

Vote based on your own research; not on Dodgy Dave’s insults.

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