Review: Black Mirror – ‘Shut Up and Dance’

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Remember the kind of nice ending to episode one? Yeah, forget that.

By Daniel J Broadley

The third installment of the new series of Black Mirror, ‘Shut Up and Dance’, is much more sinister than the last two. Teenage lad Kenny downloads a malware removal software to his laptop, only it’s not a removal software. An unseen hacker gains access to his laptop and records him masturbating via the webcam.

Kenny must then follow the orders of the hacker or the footage of him will be released. He complies and meets other people under the hacker’s thumb along the way. One of the people he meets is called Hector (the hacker’s got him cheating on his wife to meet prostitute ‘Mindy’), played by Jerome Flynn – better known as everyone’s favourite northerner from Game of Thrones, Bronn. Somehow, they end up robbing a bank together.

This episode sees Brooker take the concept of the internet troll to the extreme. It appears that glimmer of optimism from Episode One, as Lacie screamed, “FUCK YOU” to a stranger in prison in some weird form of breaking free, is gone.

Black Mirror is back and it’s darker than ever. Don’t buy VR games, and cover your webcams…

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