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Fashion Site Lyst Sell Puppies As Accessories

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By Daniel J Broadley

‘At Lyst we believe that things are best when they’re made just for you,’ reads the slogan on fashion outlet Lyst’s website. That now includes 33 breeds of puppies ready to be delivered to your door.

The public have responded with outrage as the fashion platform describes puppies as ‘pieces’ that would compliment outfits and hair colour:

Pugs are little dogs with big personalities, bred for one reason: to be your accessory.”

The site describes how a miniature Dachshund‘s golden locks will “work perfectly with camel and tan pieces, and pair particularly well with blondes”. Lyst also sells Golden Retrievers as a “loyal piece that, once added to a casual ensemble, instantly set a tone reminiscent of Martha’s Vineyard in late August.”

Despite claiming to work within strict animal welfare guidelines, the idea of dogs being sold as accessories has proved to be deeply distressing for many.

Following public outcry on twitter, the RSPCA have responded to individuals voicing their concern, “We completely appreciate your concerns about this and have made contact with Lyst to find out more. Thanks for flagging with us.”

Is it right to order a dog to your door with the rest of your online shopping purchases? Let us know what you think in the comments or over on Facebook and Twitter @HumanityHallows

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