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Pokémon GO released in the UK for iOS and Android

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By Jack Holmes

Nintendo’s augmented reality game finally launched in the UK today after releasing in countries like Australia,the US and Germany over the past week.

The game was due to be released in the UK around a week ago, although the popularity of the title has repeatedly crashed the games servers across the world.

The title has already been installed on more phones than Tinder, and stocks in Nintendo have risen by over 21% since the games release, adding around 5 and a half billion pounds to the companies market value.

If you haven’t been keeping up with news on the title, it’s the first mobile game to make use of your smartphone’s camera sensors, together with ‘location placed algorithms’. To put it simply, Nintendo, together with Niantic Labs Incorporated, have brought the Pokémon World closer to our reality than ever before. You can check out the trailer below.

The game will see you walking around your own neighborhoods, be that beaches, cities or, if you’re Australian, we’re guessing the outback? When you’re near the location of a Pokémon, your phone will buzz and by looking through your camera, you’ll be able to spot the creature and attempt to catch it for yourself.

The game will give you opportunities to trade and battle your friends, as well as to visit landmarks for special rewards and rare Pokémon. Not all of the game’s features are currently available and Nintendo are expected to continue to develop the title through a number of updates over years.

Pokémon Go follows the typical Pokémon dynamics, but, for the first time arguably since the title first came to the Gameboy in 1998, Nintendo are trying to push the boundaries of what Pokemon, and modern technology, can really do.

What kind of Pokémon exist where you live? What kind of Pokémon exist in famous cities across the world?

We’re all students now, but that’s no reason not to revisit your childhood, especially when the games free to download and play.

Do you plan to download Pokémon Go now it’s finally been released? Do you think this is really the future of the Pokémon series and perhaps even video gaming as a whole? Let us know at @Holmesblogs and @HumanityHallows

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