Poem: Seeds of the Soil

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By Atika Baji

You are not a Himalayan tea leaf

Uprooted, dispersed, scattered

Angrily brewed in white waters

drunk then discarded.

You are not an Indian honey mango

Plucked, squeezed, packed

Ravaged by foreign tongues

skin tossed away.

You are not the dried ink in an old book

where an unfelt pain is penned,

You are not the history of forgotten bones

laying beneath the land of the oppressed.

You are not the skin of an exotic culture,

flavour savoured, the rest left behind.

You are the seeds of the soil in which you were sewn,

to give birth in a land you now call home.

Atika Baji is a second year English with Creative writing student. She writes short stories and poems under the name scarletinker and posts them on her poetry Instagram account which you can find at

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  1. KA 26th October 2016 at 8:22 am -  Reply

    I loved this piece! 🙂

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