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New year, new music: Manchester band Corella to follow up debut single

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A new term at university can mean a lot of different things for students. New friends, new courses and for many, a new lifestyle. But for Manchester band Corella, it means setting out on recording a new single.

By Jamie Oliver

Last year, four students at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) formed a new indie band and members Joel Smith (vocals/guitar), Ben Henderson (vocals/bass guitar), Jack Taylor (guitar) and James Fawcett (drums) have seen many successes since.

Since releasing their debut single ‘Waterfall’, they featured on a plethora of media including the soundtrack to an across-the-pond BMX video shoot.

With a well-produced video matching seamlessly with the dreamy sound of ‘Waterfall’, the band are clearly going to go a long way. The single has a beautiful, summery vibe with floaty guitars, pulsing drums and resonant vocals that really, really get into your head. I myself have found it has been THE shower song of my summer.

We spoke to Ben from Corella, to ask about their creative process, and where they find their influences.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

It differs depending on what I’m listening to. If I’m listening to bands then it would be the likes of Maccabees, Foals, Little Comets and Catfish and the Bottlemen. I listen to a lot of other stuff, but I would say these influence my work the most.

Do you write or hope to write your own material?

I write my own music, usually with a vision in mind of those artists. I imagine their style and usually try to write in that direction. Playing with Corella is easy to write with as we all know how we want it to sound and have the same image.

What keeps you inspired when writing?

What keeps me inspired to keep playing is the satisfaction of the music for ourselves and the people listening. It’s always fun to produce the sound that you can share with people and they enjoy.

Corella are currently working in the studio on a second single and hoping to get it released by the end of the year. They will also be making the trip down to London to play a gig at The Islington.

You can find Corella’s next gig on Facebook and buy their single ‘Waterfall’ online here.

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