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London nightclub Fabric to reopen

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The people’s nightclub Fabric, where two teenagers died last year, is to reopen after a court hearing.

By Anand Sheemar

It has been no secret that the widely loved nightclub Fabric had been shut down over the tragic death of two teenagers. However, the campaign #savefabric , alongside the venue’s lawyers, have saved the club from detriment after a court hearing held this week.

After just a few months of closure, district judge Robin McPhee agreed to the reopening of Fabric, but only after agreeing to strict new licensing conditions. Thirty two conditions span a 155-page document bearing new rules for Fabric’s license: ID scanners, strict over 19s policy and lifetime bans to those found to be asking for drugs are just some of the conditions agreed by Islington council.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan, an active protester to the closure of the London venue, was just one of many who tweeted about how pleased he was at the news of the reopening.

With over £300,000 raised by the public to aid legal costs and more than 150,000 signatures petitioning, it seems the people have been heard.

Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s Mista Jam said to Newsbeat, “When no one else was booking grime in the whole of the country, it was being booked at Fabric.

“I am just really looking forward to hearing what the next wave of music is going to be championed there. This is a very good day for music.”

Whilst the news of Fabric’s relaunch has brought smiles from music lovers, however, there may still be concerns over the venue’s safety with many families who have lost loved ones there perhaps asking if the new terms of license are sufficient to ensure the safe keeping of our youth.

For more information about Fabric, visit the venue’s website.

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