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LimboLive: Manchester’s new underground radio station

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By Daniel J Broadley

In February and March this year, Jamie McDougall started the process that would later become Manchester’s latest underground online radio station

After thinking about starting some podcasts, Jamie wasn’t sure, at first, what this project would develop into. But over the summer, he did a show for an online radio show in Bristol. Knowing a lot of people in Manchester that are into music and DJ-ing, he wanted to start something that could bring them all together. With Sam, Milky (Will) and Chris, all of whom live together, the four of them set up out of their flat in Fallowfield.

Humanity Hallows caught up with Jamie, originally from Bristol and a final year illustration student at Manchester School of Art, during Tuesday night’s show. He told us how the project began:

“The name limbo sort of came from the idea of young adults being ‘in limbo’ towards the end of university. It took a LOT of work over the summer, which included making a website. We had to make a lot of contacts in getting things together.”

He also talked about the challenges that amateur DJs often face.

“It’s hard for amateur artists and DJs to get themselves on to already established radio stations, so this can act as a platform for people to get out there. Amateur DJs that send out mixes often get ignored. We try not to be too elitist and give each mix sent in a proper listen regardless of genre or style. If they’re decent, we get them on for a show.”

limbo2’s Jamie

The idea developed over a few months, gradually becoming a community music project.

“Work really started back in April and the others got involved over the summer. Since living together, it’ just grown from there, bringing our skill sets together. As it stands, we’re non-profit and don’t really want to litter it with advertising. The aim is to get the brand out and try and create a community.”

Talking about the music, he said, “We try to cover as many genres as possible and to not let personal taste get in the way. We’ve had hip-hop, jazz, world music, techno, drum n bass… just any underground music. We’ve had a lot of students but we’re also trying to get some already established Manchester DJs and labels too.”

Jamie had to sell his car in order to pay for the CDJ’s and save up big amounts of his student loan for studio monitors. He and Sam went halves on a mixer and the turntables have been lent to them by a friend who regularly plays on the show.

Sam has taken charge of the marketing side of things, including the search for sponsors. He said, “We have to be consistent to do a four hour show, seven days a week and manage social media. There’s quite a lot to keep on top of, but it’s manageable.”

Sam also revealed that will soon be trying out some competitions across their social media channels and have also been discussing a possible collaboration regarding live events with their friends at The Cluny a collective in music and other creative arts.

You can tune in to every night between 7pm-11pm for the latest in Manchester’s underground music scene and follow them on Facebook.

limbo3’s illustrations

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