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Keep fit, stay fun

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Keeping fit is a vital part of well-being for everyone, but it can be time-consuming, and sometimes hard to find others to go running or swimming with.

By Benjamin Frances Cassidy

Once busy periods begin at University, keeping fit can also become a little mundane and more of a chore than a treat! This is why it’s important to get creative about ways that combine fun and exercise. So start thinking outside the box, convince your mates to go with you and give one of these activities a try.

Go Air!

Located in close proximity to Manchester City’s Etihad stadium, Go Air is a purpose built facility for trampolining. The set-up is a large, custom built and converted industrial unit that has large areas of trampolines you can bounce between, as well as trampolines on the side you can bounce off. Other activities include: trampoline basketball hoops, so you can nail that slam dunk; timed bounces that challenge you to hit as many buttons as you can in a certain order; and a ‘bounce platform’ you can launch off, landing on a giant air bag! It’s safe to say that there’s no better way to get fit than indulging the child within. By bouncing and bounding about, not only are you looking after your health, but enjoying yourself at the same time. Go Air is great as a group activity and is not to be missed!

Go Air, Riverpark Trading Estate, Eastlands, Manchester, M40 2XP
Tel: 0161 850 4010

Water Workout

Perhaps gym classes aren’t floating your boat. If that’s the case, then don’t worry, you’ll be the ones afloat! One of the benefits is that water based exercise (apart from the obvious cardio workout) is that it is easier on your joints. Being in water also means that because of the resistance of the water, you get extra mileage on the effort to results scale! You don’t have to worry about muscles you aren’t used to using aching the next day. Go on, take the plunge! Water Workout sessions are available at The Manchester Aquatic Centre.

Water Workout, Manchester Aquatics Centre, 2 Booth St E, M13 9SS
Tel: 0161 641 6310

Brazilian Dance

If you’re a bit worried about not being a regular John Travolta, or you’re a little out of shape, and looking to get fitter, then Brazilian Dance at the Manchester Aquatics Centre might be just the thing for you. It’s more or less ‘Zumba Light’. It takes the traditional elements of Zumba, and delivers it at a slower pace. Absolutely perfect if you’re looking to get fit for the first time, or get back into shape. You might even use it to build up to Zumba, or another class. Give it a go. You and your friends will be on Strictly Come Dancing in no time!

Brazilian Dance, Manchester Aquatics Centre, 2 Booth St E, M13 9SS
Tel: 0161 641 6310


If you thought rounders was a game that ended when you left school, then think again! Manchester Met has its very own mixed rounders sports society. You can relive those runs that you remember so well from break time, or, finally bag that rounder you always promised yourself you would. This is guaranteed to make you forget you’re even exercising. Nostalgia, competition and a great workout. Surely the temptation is too much? They train once a week and have a social every Wednesday with the rest of the sport teams, which is a great way to meet new people you wouldn’t necessarily meet from your course. There are lots of MMU sport activities for you and your friend to try out. Visit the Union website to see what’s on offer, or pop in to speak to the staff who will point you in the right direction.

MMU Rounders, Trinity Sports Centre Astro, Cambridge St, Manchester, M15 6HP


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