H&M launch highly anticipated Kenzo collaboration

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By Andrew Deyes

Another year and another designer collaboration with H&M. Since 2004 H&M have collaborated every year with a fashion house to create a range which brings together the designer look at an accessible price. This year is no exception, with Kenzo taking the front seat on the H&M high street catwalk, what was to become of the designer threads was highly anticipated.

The H&M designer collaborations have become massive business for H&M and after a ranging success with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 and Balmain last year people are willing to queue to get their hands on the must have fashion pieces. This year was no exception with only the lucky few being able to get hold of the eccentric patterns. With people camping outside of stores from 10pm the night before, it almost became a pack of lions waiting for the zebra print.

What has been going down? The queues have been filled with the cold hearted eBayer’s, who planned their visit to perfection ready to make a tidy profit on their purchases as they cash in on the supply and demand for the product. This is mirrored with the limited numbers as they are now selling on the well known auction site from anywhere up to five times the retail price. The problem? It has stopped the genuine lovers of the Kenzo collection from getting hold of pieces and are now forced to pay ridiculous prices.

Add to this the fact the website has been down all morning means no one who couldn’t queue or get the day off work has been able to get hold of the rare threads. Fingers crossed H&M will learn from this for next year when the next designer collaboration hits the floors of the stores so that the genuine lovers of the collection, who it has been designed for can access and attain the pieces.

If you want the look but could not get hold of Kenzo X H&M, here are 3 pieces which reflect on the Cava, Prosecco and Champagne concept.

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