Enjoy Authentic Tapas At Bar San Juan

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Bar de tapas

By Jamie Ryder

When looking for the perfect restaurant it can boil down to a number of factors: atmosphere, quality of food and service. Manchester has a lot of fantastic restaurants but if you’re looking for an authentic Spanish experience then a hidden gem can be found on Beech Road in Chorlton.

As soon as you walk into Bar San Juan you’ll be drawn into another culture, with Latin styled music and colourful pictures hanging from the wall. The atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re striding through Barcelona or taking a sojourn in Madrid.

The menu offers a range of delicious tapas dishes from wine soaked chorizo sausage to vegetarian paella. On my most recent visit I tried honey dipped pork ribs and mixed them with manchego cheese for a scrumptious combination. Anyone who enjoys sea food will find plenty to choose from, whether it’s a plate full of fried calamari or white bait.

The staff are friendly, approachable and sensitive to customer needs. They take steps to make sure that ambience is maintained for anyone wanting a portion of Spanish culture. At night the restaurant is transformed into a candle-lit bar that caters to all drinking tastes. Wine and beer is reasonably priced and served at your convenience.

Whether you’re looking for a family oriented meal or a night of drinking Bar San Juan will be happy to accommodate all comers. There’s no booking policy so people are welcome to walk in and enjoy themselves.

For more information check out the Bar San Juan website.

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