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Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour Review

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By Jessica Carruthers

Food and alcohol is always a good idea. At ‘Crazy Pedro’s Part-time Pizza Parlour’ you can enjoy the luxuries of both in a cool, relaxed environment. No complaints here.

12721991_10207796474363282_683773560_nOn first hearing about Pedro’s I was slightly confused. Is it a restaurant? Is it a bar? What is this strange place? So to investigate, my friends and I decided to try it out on a Friday night. It did not disappoint.

We arrived at 8pm to catch the last hour of their happy hour, which runs 5pm-9pm Sunday to Friday. I would definitely recommend going then if you want to do it on the cheap. The cocktails were 2-4-1, pizza slices £2 and if you’re really hungry you can grab a full pizza for £10 – absolute bargain!

Now, when I say ‘pizza slice’, it’s not the usual slither-that-lasts-three-bites slice. They are huge! It doesn’t stop there either; the size isn’t even the best bit. The pizza itself is drool-worthy. It’s the perfect combination of cheese, tomato and grease on a delicious pizza bread. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. There is a vast selection of flavours to choose from, some being ‘The Gringo’ and ‘Fried Chicken and Waffle’. However, they only have a few flavours available in slice form each day. Just more of an excuse to go back though so I’m not complaining! But if you are really dying to try a particular flavour, then just buy a whole pizza, no-one’s judging here!

Even out of happy hour it still doesn’t break the bank with slices at just £3 and a full pizza for £15. But if pizza isn’t your thing, they also serve nachos. As a large group we thought it was best we opt for the biggest serving ‘ridiculous’. Well the name is definitely fitting to say the least. Just to give you an idea of the size, they were served in a dustbin lid! However, as delicious as they were, we stood defeated. This could also be due to the many slices of pizza’s we had demolished before this… but who’s counting?

12325155_10207796474283280_708154813_nNow let’s talk alcohol. The cocktails are served in plastic red cups with different sweets placed on top of each one. Not only do they look pretty cool, but they taste dam good to. Obviously taking advantage of the 2-4-1 happy hour, I opted for a raspberry frozen margarita and an apple and cherry frozen margarita. They definitely don’t hold back on the alcohol as these delicious, frozen treats had my head spinning slightly. They also sell spirits, beers and ciders for the non-cocktail type.

All in all Crazy Pedro’s definitely lived up to its expectations and more. The food was incredible, cocktails tasty and strong- just how we like it! The music was a mixture of genres, meaning there was something for everyone, setting a chilled fun environment. We didn’t stay late, however it is actually open until 4am! I will definitely be going back and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a different night, involving the best things in life- food, alcohol and music.

If you would like to visit Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour visit their website here.

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