Two Pints of Lager or a Packet of Crisps?

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By Ruth Hudson

Okay, so I’ve started a new self-project. Now you’re either going to think that I am a social recluse, or a health fanatic, or both but I’ve discovered that drinking isn’t the only component we need to remain sociable. For starters I feel like I’ve gained brain cells (making up for the ones I’ve lost) and I have quadruple the amount of energy to socialise. 
In fact I’d switch the two pints of larger to just a packet of crisps any day.

Even though I sound like I’m about fifty years of age I am actually a first year student (believe it or not). During my time at university I have found that my mood drastically declines the day after a few bevvies. Although I initially started this project as a means of decreasing my depression, there are other benefits besides balancing your serotonin levels; your liver will finally get the rest it deserves and don’t forget about those pennies you’ll be saving.

So there you have it I’ve ditched the two pints of larger, vodka orange doubles and god knows what else, for a full fat coke. If I’m going to get drunk off something it might as well be the sugar in my highly caffeinated Coca Cola. And if you’re a student living in halls then you’ll understand that drinking copious amounts of vodka is merely part of the student meal plan; I’m going to change that. You don’t need alcohol to have fun; you just need a bunch of friends that keep you in high spirits and a non-alcoholic beverage to make you think that you’re joining in with the surrounding binge drinkers.

Fingers crossed, this will all be a piece of cake.

Ruth Hudson studies English and American literature at MMU. She also has blog that focuses on addressing mental health issues.

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