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The Future Of Fashion With Alexa Chung

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By Nateisha Scott

The Fashion Industry has always been portrayed as an elitist and somewhat difficult industry to break into. Not only does it often feel like a top secret organization but also as though its jobs consist solely of editing, designing and more recently, promoting. However, a new series on the British Vogue YouTube channel, hosted by Alexa Chung, highlights the wide-ranging possibilities within the industry.

This six-part documentary series looks at a range of topics, from ‘How to break into the Fashion Industry?’ to ‘Positive Body image and Diversity’. For a ten minute show, it really does break the barrier that surrounds the Fashion Industry. Not only does Alexa engage the viewers by participating in questions before the episodes air but she also engages big names within the industry, such as designers Paul Smith and Christopher Kane, as well as influential buyers and trend forecasters.

The series has opened my eyes to the vast number of opportunities, successes and realistic pathways into the Fashion Industry. It touches on topics that are personally dear to my heart, such as diversity and body image within a visually-saturated community. If, like myself, you are wanting to pursue a career within the Fashion Industry, it makes for a compelling watch, enabling viewers to understand the future of Fashion.

You can see all of the episodes of the series on the Vogue website. Stay tuned as episode six will be airing soon.

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