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Manchester’s Best Value for Coffee

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By Jack Holmes

It’s not hard to find a list of the best places to grab a coffee in Manchester, but they tend to forget that little detail called money. You might not be too worried considering the first student loan of the year is on its way, but if you’re trying to stay awake on a budget here’s some handy spots that will keep your caffeine costs down.

Cheeky Monkey Coffee Co. 

One of the best kept secret coffee places and it’s only five minutes from All Saints Campus. Situated just off Oxford Road (It’s next to the Spar), the Cheeky Monkey Coffee Co. is just about the cheapest place to get your daily energy input. Don’t believe me? It’s £1.80 for a latte, bacon sandwiches are £1.50 and filled jacket potatoes for £2.75. That’s a bargain by anyone standards, but it’s truly music to a skint students ears. It’s not the prettiest décor in the city with its “modern” vibe offering up some iffy green plastic surfaces. But when prices are that low, can you really complain?


Cheeky Monkey Coffee

MMU’s Various Cafes

Whether it’s the Art School Café, Hub Café or the one situated on the ground floor of the Geoffrey Manton building, MMU respects our needs for caffeine. The cafes themselves vary from building to building, but the prices stay far lower than those of Starbucks, Prett A Manger and the various other chain coffee shops. What’s better yet is your ability to use your MMU Met Card, which everyone gets a minimum of £10 added to for FREE at the start of every year. So make the most of those freebies and maybe grab some food in those glorious mid lecture breaks.

Manchester Coffee Company (Manchester CoCo)

If you’ve entered the arty haven of the Northern Quarter and feel the need to put your feet up, try the Manchester Coffee Company. They’re the most expensive coffee company in this list and are only slightly cheaper than the mainstream chains, but the quaint atmosphere more than makes up for it. Almost always inhabited by students from Salford, Manchester or MMU Universities, it’s a nice place to take a break from the city centre rushes and enjoy some great music with a cuppa.


Manchester Coffee Co.

Have I missed a hidden gem when it comes to the best value for money coffee places in Manchester? Perhaps you think a coffee place like Oklahoma or Grindsmith is worth that little bit more money for the experience? Let us know @holmesblogs or @HumanityHallows

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  1. Mel P 18th September 2015 at 12:03 pm -  Reply

    Good suggestions, thanks Jack. It’s only the first time you get a Met Card that the Uni puts credit on there for you – they give you £20 credit as a one off 🙂

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