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Manchester’s Best-Kept Student Secrets

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By Thomas Rushton

Every major city across the country is rammed with students. As a student myself, just finishing my first year of University, I have learned of the many ‘secrets’ that Manchester has to offer us that can make our lives easier and save us some money. For example:

The number two bus

The ‘number two’ bus stops literally opposite my accommodation, so I was in on this secret from day one of University. Basically, this number two bus is a free service that runs in and out of the city centre. I thought everyone knew about this bus service, but to my surprise not many did. I would always say “I’m getting the free bus into town” and would get reactions such as “free bus? Why is it free?”.

This service is such a money saver for us students. We can also pay just £1 on the magic bus, which to be fair is nothing but, if you are anything like me and are in town all the time, it does add up in cost. Without these, we would have to pay a standard bus fare, which, price wise, depends on how far you’re travelling.

So, the tip for freshers is to keep your eyes peeled for the number two bus. It will save you a killing during your first year!

£1 Dominoes deals

Need I say more? The £1 Dominoes pizza is an absolute rarity that only happens every now and then. Fresher’s week is the start of this wonderful opportunity. Advertising for this is fairly quiet, so keep your eyes wide open on all Dominoes stores that you pass during Fresher’s. Trust me, you will know when this offer is on; the queue will be about seven miles long.

Although they only offer basic cheese and tomato or pepperoni, it’s still a luxury. I don’t mean to sound too dramatic but a pizza that usually costs about £12, you’re buying for a quid. Bargain.

Student lock-ins

Shopping centres hold what they call “student lock-ins”; this means that between certain hours on a certain date, students are (not literally) locked into the centre and the shops offer discounted products, some of which are really good. During the year, I visited the one that took place at the Arndale and left empty handed, yet when I visited the Trafford centre student lock in, I left with bags full.

Upon entry, you tend to go to the actual centre of the shopping centre; here, there will be numerous tables handing out wristbands and leaflets with all the discounts listed. These are seriously worth picking up, as they point out where is offering the best discounts.

In order to visit these “student lock-ins”, you have to register your name and university online. There will be links all over the Internet, so once you hear about one taking place, just Google it. I registered literally half an hour before going.

Overall, they’re definitely worth a visit. Who doesn’t love a bit of discount?

Thomas studies Multimedia Journalism and is currently beginning his second year at MMU. He enjoys socialising and loves trying new things whether it be visiting a new restaurant or visiting a new city he has never been to before. He enjoys this, as he likes to discover fun facts and say’s it always gives him something to write about. He has written non-stop about Manchester since he arrived last September to begin his first year of University.

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