Ladies Who Lunch In Didsbury

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By Hannah Lockhart

I have lived in Manchester for just over a year and love exploring all that the city has to offer, particularly when it comes to food. I would say that I eat out about twice a month and, while I’m not encouraging you to blow your student loan on fine dining, I do think that eating out helps you to get to know the city you are living in.

I also think it’s essential to eat out with people who share an appreciation of food. Whenever I eat out it’s always with my best friend, Liv, or my boyfriend, Sean. I see them as my fellow restaurant enthusiasts! I’ll be writing articles over the coming months for Humanity Hallows, recommending the best places to eat in Manchester, based on the atmosphere, affordability and, of course, the food! I hope you enjoy and happy eating.

Over the weekend, Liv and I decided we needed to explore some more of what Manchester has to offer. Having just moved to Fallowfield, we thought to try Didsbury Village and have some lunch. Didsbury is accessible via the Magic Bus and is a gorgeous place for an afternoon wander. There are plenty of things to see and also plenty of places to eat.

Liv and I chose to eat at  the Didsbury Lounge, which is just off the main high street. We were met by a nice interior and relaxed atmosphere as well as an extremely friendly waitress. We received a set menu, and whilst there wasn’t a great deal of choice, the food was reasonably priced with the most expensive item being no more than £10.

Although it was a Saturday afternoon, it was rather quiet, so the service was convenient. Liv ordered the Falafel Wrap (£5.90) and I ordered the Cajun Chicken Skewers (£5.50), we also shared a portion of Chips (£3.50) and a bottle of the House Rosé (£15.75), which the waitress allowed us to try before purchasing which was rather helpful.

The food arrived and it was extremely well presented with an additional salad garnish that had not been advertised on the menu. The food was fresh, well-cooked and Liv was particularly pleased with her falafel. She said:

“I’ve had some nice falafel but I’ve also had some really awful falafel, but this falafel is really nice.”

Overall, we rated the Didsbury Lounge good value for money. We did feel that it was more of a bar than a restaurant (hence the limited choice of food), but for the price it was very pleasant. Despite the limited choice, the food was really tasty and we had a lovely afternoon. We agreed that we would happily go back again to experience the Didsbury Lounge at night to see what else they had to offer.

Hannah is a second year English and History combined student with a love for food and fine dining.

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