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Fairtrade Fortnight

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fairtradeBy Joanna Shaw 

In celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight (23rd February-8th March) I have decided to share my favourite Fairtrade products and books. Many can be found in your local supermarket, health food shop and book stores.

My top 5 favourite Fairtrade products:

1. Divine Chocolate – Divine is 45% owned by the farmers that grow the cocoa beans, meaning not only do the farmers get a good share of the profits from the production and distribution of this chocolate, it also tastes delicious! You can learn more on their free app for apple devices.

2. Grumpy Mule Coffee– Certified Fairtrade and organic, Grumpy Mule has been awarded a Great Taste Award 5 years in a row. 20p of every ground/whole bean coffee sale goes to the Guatemalan school’s project, which helps schools to buy equipment and support local children. I recommend the organic Bolivia café femenino whole beans for a caramel/nutty flavour.

3.  Café Direct tea– Café Direct has a long standing history with Fairtrade; they were the first company to bring the first Fairtrade certified coffee to the UK. Their tea is a simple everyday brew full of refreshing blends; you can find Café Direct tea in the MMU cafes.

4. Aldi Fairtrade roses– To bring a little spring to your room, Aldi stock a selection of fair trade flowers, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

5. The co-operative Fairtrade wine– The co-operative is the UK’s largest retailer of Fairtrade wine, with so many different selections from a Malbec red to Pinot Grigio – you’ll be spoilt for choice on the weekend!

My top 4 fair trade books:

1. Fighting the Banana Wars by Harriet Lamb – Harriet Lamb is the founder of the Fairtrade label. In her book she describes the struggles and triumphs of promoting Fairtrade and setting up a business, a perfect read for business students.

2. 50 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade by Miles Litvinoff – In case you need further convincing, Litvinoff’s research is broken down into simple and easy steps that anyone can follow to lead a fairer life.

3. The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook by Sophie Grigson From breakfast to after dinner dessert, this cookbook covers every type of food taste and budget, available to buy from Oxfam’s website.

4. Fair Trade: A Beginners Guide by Jacqueline DeCarlo: This book covers the basic facts of the Fairtrade business, from the farmers that benefit to how you can make a difference.

Fairtrade is a vital and reassuring way to know that the money you are spending on a product will help someone else in the world have a better future; click here to visit Fairtrade’s website for more information on how you can support and buy a vast range of Fairtrade products.

Joanna Shaw is a second year English and Film Student and loves nothing more than a good book. Follow her on twitter @booklifereads and on Goodreads 

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