Cricket in Limbo

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By Ash Lindop

Excuse me while I curl my quiff.

I’m neither flaccid, nor stiff,

but stuck in Limbo with a Cricket.

This Cricket leapt up with a giddy delight:

“Hey, you wanna’ fight?”

And I’m like:

“You’re a cricket, right?”


The Looking Glass became

Pint Sized.

And in my mind’s eye

not even time flies.


While graciously salacious

this Cricket may be,

I think it’s rather silly.

It is quite

the task

to stay


this mask.

They say we’ve all

gone mad here,

and that’s that!

Ash Lindop is 24 and in his third year of reading sociology/psychology combined honours at MMU Cheshire. You can find more of his work here on his wordpress blog. He also has a selection of spoken word and vocalist poetry here on his soundcloud page. 

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