Can You Hear Me?

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By Darragh Kempson

Can you hear me?

Listen, I know you’re there but I can’t quite reach you.

I just want to help,

Sometimes you have to let someone in,

Talk to me please

Even for a little while.

Now I’m here, we can talk.

Can you understand me?


I know there’s still no response, but I’ll keep trying.

Maybe if I shout I’ll get through.


Can you listen to me?


Here I am, just listen to me please.

Everything will be ok, but we have to work together,

Right now, all that matters is getting you out,

Everything is going to get better.


Can you help me?


I need you to help me,

This time we need to do it together,

Listen to me,

Let me help you.

Can you do this with me?


Better the two of us, than one alone.

Even the worst night is better with you.


Can you stay with me?

Over the last hurdle now, just push that little bit further.

Keep with me now, we need to stick together.

Can you hear me, because we made it out, Together.

Darragh Kempson is 19 and a first year student of English and Creative Writing. As a member of our editing team he is our symbol expert and very much enjoys hiding things in his poetry. You can find more of his work at his writing blog here:

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