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An Amateur Guide: Who To Vote For In The General Election

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By Ruth Hudson

With the Student Union elections done and dusted, it’s time for us to face the inevitable vote of the May 2015 General Elections. But unlike our student candidates, politicians have this annoying habit of making false promises and producing misleading manifestos. There seem to be two distinct reactions to the elections. For some, this will be a day of decision and for others a day of despair, maybe even both. So the real question is, who deserves our vote? Labour? Conservative? Lib Dems? Green Party? Or, (God forbid) UKIP?

Brian May’s respected choice to consider participating as an independent MP, clearly shows how popular Farage’s “immigrants are ruining this country” scapegoat really is – or maybe not. It seems that UKIP hold nearly all of the same principles as Nick Griffin’s BNP party. Both being prejudice, and both believing in an elitist minority and clinging to a ‘traditional’ Britain. But what they are failing to understand is that our little island has been shaped by immigration and our culture shares in elements from foreign countries which has led to the prosperity of our nation. It is no use complaining about immigration and influences from abroad and indulging in cultural delicacies like coffee.

But what about Labour? As a student I have socialist views, with an eagerness to live in a left-wing community. But how left wing can this country really be if it is run by the likes of Eton boys, fresh out of a middle class prison? Of course, one cannot help one’s upbringing just as much as one cannot relate to ones working class upbringing. But how can we forget Blair’s error in declaring an illegal war with Iraq? Oh, the irony that he is now a peace envoy in the Middle East. On the other hand, Ed Miliband pledges to raise the National Minimum Wage to £8.00 which will hopefully allow a boost in our economy. Tempted?

And okay, I’m not being biased. But I would rather not consider voting for the Lib Dems. Oh, what’s that Nick Clegg? You’re sorry? Well sorry just doesn’t cut it when I’m over £27,000 in debt and because apparently my parents can afford to bail me out. Sponging off their income for the rest of my educated years does not sound very appealing to me. Yes, we should definitely rule out the Lib Dems.

I’m running out of options.

How about voting Conservative? Just kidding. I’d rather not support an advocate for fox hunting. That’s right, Davie C wants to bring back the fox hunt. How very traditional of him. If that day comes then I pledge to put forward a politician hunting arrangement.

There is however, always the Green Party. Maybe they’re the underdog of Britain’s hungry democracy. Despite the fact that they have absolutely no clue what they are doing. The Green Party appears to have the least amount of blood on their hands and they are vastly overtaking UKIP – winning!

All I command is, vote. People have died, fought and suffered for this vote. So if you think “Oh, my vote won’t make a difference” you are wrong. We are the future for our country and we can change who runs it by paying a visit to the ballot box.

So remember; stay tuned to all upcoming televised debates (for sheer joy of watching Ed Miliband crumble), register to vote online and consider very wisely which candidate is least likely to ruin this country.

Ruth Hudson studies English and American literature at MMU. She also has blog that focuses on addressing mental health issues.

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