The People’s Budget

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By Neil Harrison

As George Osborne’s budget statement is dissected in all corners of the media this evening, numerous groups of campaigners and protestors will be descending on Manchester to deliver an alternative budget of their own.

Organised by Manchester People’s Assembly, a number of campaign groups from around the region will come together to send a message to the current government on issues including foodbanks, bedroom tax, climate change, corporate tax avoidance and NHS privatisation. As well as speeches by campaign leaders, union representatives and people affected by austerity measures, there will be street performances and a loud and lively march around Manchester. Organisers explained,

“Our people-powered protest at parliament’s penny pinching policies will feature representatives of the hardest hit groups. We will be asking the people of Manchester what alternatives to today’s budget they would like to see.

“Starting at Piccadilly Gardens we will be making stops at particular places affected by austerity measures. These will include Manchester Town Hall, The John Rylands Library and an NHS walk-in centre. Anti-austerity street campaigners, some with puppets, some on stilts, will bring red budget boxes which we will fill with Conservative and Liberal Democrat budget policies – and then burn! Our own green budget box will be filled with all of the alternative policies we collect as we move around the city. Speakers from various Manchester campaigns will be presenting their own budget statements along the way.”

Further information can be found on this evening’s demonstration here. For more details and updates on Manchester People’s Assembly please visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @PplsssemblyMcr

Neil Harrison is contributing editor at Humanity Hallows, follow him on Twitter @LooseRiver

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