Student Entrepeneur Aims For ‘Precious’ Success

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Words by Amillah Javed

I love getting my hands full and jumping into the deep end, or, let’s say taking risks – knowing it’s safe to do so in the first place!

Here’s a little secret I’d like to share. From a very young age I jumped on board and started buying and selling a range of things. From metallic pens to Scottish Fine Soaps, jewellery boxes, glass mantel clocks, Shamballa crystal bracelets, handmade bracelets, rings and necklaces and much more. Starting small from selling to family and friends and in my local area, I soon realised that I could manage a business online instead. So then I was off …
Photo: WHAT TIME IS IT???  It's time to donate 10% of our profits to charity. Where should we donate to this month???  We have been thinking to donate to Unicef (UK) towards the Syria Children's Appeal. This charity is working in Syria, alongside neighbouring countries by helping children. They provide the three most important basic needs : clean water, clothing and medical care.  Comment below and let us know what you think. :)
After much consideration – figuring out all the questions swimming around in my head who to sell to, what to sell, why, when and how, I finally decided to sell vintage inspired jewellery and scarves. I am passionate about selling vintage jewellery as well as scarves. What started off as a hobby is something I am now trying to develop into a thriving online business, known as Precious Pieces.

From my own experience over the years I have noticed that I starting doing online shopping more often than I once used to do. It is definitely easier, convenient and I always tend to find fantastic deals and offers through browsing the internet. Ultimately, I think my business benefits from being online because social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are facing a dramatic growth at the moment and are great for advertising on.

As a student myself, (even though I’m living at home, so it’s not hit me entirely) I understand how tough student life is financially. Therefore I try to provide affordable, yet stylish pieces of jewellery and scarves for students like myself and beyond. Each piece of jewellery item and scarf prints is chosen by me and I always aim to choose startling vintage designs. 

Another significant aspect of my business is donating 10% of my profit to chosen charities at the end of each month. I decided to incorporate this method into my business because I think we are all capable of helping the needy in whatever way possible.I believe if we all give to charity, we can definitely make some change in the world and we should all support charities, so they can continue to provide the basic needs, like food, water and shelter to those who need it most around the world. As a result, when people purchase items from my business, it not only allows me to help those who are suffering, but it also gives my customers the opportunity to buy lovely vintage pieces and know that 10% of their payment will be going towards a good cause.

Photo: Chandelier earrings- £4.20  Order yours today by emailing: :)I would like to thank all my customers who have purchased from Precious Piecesin the past, as well as those who plan to do so in the future. With your help and support I am hoping my business will grow to greater heights and will continue to thrive.

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Amillah Javed is currently studying English and Film at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is passionate about journalism and teaching and hopes to pursue a career in one of these fields. Amillah also has an interest in writing creatively and having work published. Follow her on Twitter @a_amillah 

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