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Gorgon City’s ‘Sirens’ Album Review

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Gorgon City announce debut album Sirens, reveal track listing

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by Daisy Lacey

After releasing a couple of LPs, Gorgon City finally released their long awaited debut album. It features the chart hit Ready For Your Love featuring the incredibly talented MNEK, who is set to release his own debut album later this year. Gorgon City are making house music popular again but bringing it up to date by incorporating some wonderful guest artists such as Katy B and Maverick Sabre.

Best Song: Go All Night featuring Jennifer Hudson; her voice sounds remarkably different on this song compared to her love ballads that she usually sings. These songs though will be played for many years to come and will become house classics, this song will urge to dance and the lyrics will hook you instantly. I think they have shown how incredible her singing voice truly is through their music.

Worst Song: FTPA featuring Erik Hassle. This song is a lot slower than the others, which seems mismatched to the rest of the up-tempo album; it is a good song but feels somewhat misplaced. I feel this song would do better released on its own as a single, as it is still a well-written song.

As a lover of house music, I think this album deserves more credit than it has currently received. The album as a whole is almost a musical journey that starts with a broken heart that leads to a whole night out. I love how even though it is a house music album, it plays around with the common beats I often hear with regular house songs, but the tempo on each song is changed by mixing the sounds and beats around.  It is complicated to distort a fixed tempo to most genres of music, let alone house, but they have proved me wrong. Furthermore, the songs suit them perfectly; whenever I hear a stripped back version of Ready For Your Love, I find that it needs Gorgon City’s sound behind it to make it standout.

Overall, this is a great debut album; it possesses a cool current sound that will be played for many years to come. All of the songs combine incredible house beats with great lyrics and it is this ingenious combination that makes it stand out from the crowd. I also think that the added songs on the deluxe album could have been left out, but Gorgon City are going to be huge in the near future and should expect great things. Sirens is set to be a huge album and I cannot wait for what comes next from the band.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Daisy Lacey studies French and English Literature and is in her final year. Her interests are music, travelling, books and fashion. She has a particular interest in Jazz, Soul & House music. Follow her on twitter @DMClazidazi or at her blog

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