Pornographers, Politicos and Cocaine – An Argument to the Apolitical

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By Jack Windsor

Have you ever spoken to someone who really, I mean really, just loves politics?

We’re a narrow breed and much like illicit middle-aged pornographers or cocaine addicts, we slip our way through everyday life barely showing a glimmer of our passion. Sure, we’ll perk up during the pub quiz, when there’s a question about Walter Bagehot, or the name of David Cameron’s cat (Larry, FYI) but to all extents and purposes our vast reservoir of political prattle stays firmly within our own noggin.

Not by choice you understand. Of course anyone who’s passionate about anything be it Dungeons & Dragons or that guy who absolutely insists that you need to hear this MK flip of Eiffel 65’s Blue , would love to unhinge their maw and let their knowledge flow over you until you’re the same Nilbog or Huxley enthusiasts as they are. Have you ever tried to talk to someone about how important an issue you feel the investment of Governmental bodies in Thorium technology is whilst in the queue for tribal sessions? It gets you nowhere.

It’s easy to understand why people don’t want to hear it. We’re the first generation to be slapped in the face with unprecedented levels of debt, the first to leave uni with a genuine fear of never being able to afford a home and be told that we’re lazy and ungrateful for even bothering to be born. When we wake up after a white ace fuelled Thursday night to the TV news we hear about how awful it is for petrol prices to be increasing as we scramble for change for the magic bus. Steal a glance at the Metro on the train? How exactly is the governments posturing in the EU going to allow us to be able to afford more than LIDL basics cheese toasties for tea?

Russell_BrandBelieve me, I understand why people think like this and it’s tough going for me not to. Arguing for political engagement isn’t a sexy task but one that needs to be argued none the less. To put it simply: our futures are too important to be left in the hands of others.

I’m not talking about drum-circles and leaving your mum and dads to live in a squat to fight the overlord Cameron here. You only need to look at the horse-shit King of England that is Russell Brand to see that waxing lyrical about revolutionary philosophies and not paying your taxes will get you precisely nowhere, or £12m richer depending on your view.

How many times have you heard someone say “All politicians are the same”? Guess what? I reckon they’re right. Politicians come almost exclusively in a few shite flavoured varieties, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

By getting politically active you can make a difference and stop the wholesale of our futures for the benefit of a few in a realistically achievable way.

Plus, you’ll give us politics nerds something to talk about. Something that cannot be said for diving headfirst into the worlds of the middle aged pornographers or indeed, cocaine addicts.

Jack Windsor, Second Year English and Politics student, lover of Hull City AFC and drunk snapchatting, incoherent 140 character ramblings available at @CaptainKaylo.

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