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Dear World

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Dear World,

This is a message from editorial team 1. Codename: Team Luctus. We are broadcasting through the Humanity Hallows Site. This is a call to all student writers out there. If you can see this then we have succeeded in making contact. The equipment is highly experimental and we can’t be sure how reliable it will be so please bear with us if the message is a little frazzled on your end.


We are searching desperately for creative writers and their works.


Here we have lost our way, our writings have been marred and burnt past the point of recognition and what we have left is something that would represent the imagination and creativity it would take to write a shopping list. We remember stories and we are calling out to you; HELP US. We need to teach our people what imagination can do before they stop funding our projects.


Our team isn’t very big and our science is very much on the fringe side but here we are. There are four of us, and we are the few who believe creative writing still deserves a place in our world, help us. Send us your art and through the medium of this website we will show both our worlds what we can create with a little bit of imagination.


My name is Darragh. I am our resident symbol expert, working in anything and everything from metaphor through to allegory. Then there’s Lydia. She is our speech and syntax specialist. Her work revolves mainly around ensuring we all keep to the grammar rules and reminding me not to ramble on too much. Following that we have Kami. She is our chronicler, our theme and plot specialist. She works to keep us on track and to write a darn good story about it afterwards. Then last but certainly not least we have Terri. She is our style and structure specialist. She works to find the things that make your writing tick so we can teach these skills to the uncreative.


Currently I am organising the team but don’t think that one of us is more important than the other. This team may as well be a single entity. Any work sent to us may pass from one to the other. We have our fields but don’t underestimate our experience. After all we are the ones who still remember those tales of the past.


Due to the restrictions of our equipment we can only broadcast up to 2000 words at a time. We will however be able to connect to other sites. As such samples of longer works can be presented with those connections included. Please be aware however we already are balancing on the edge of being shut down so if the link contains something we can’t broadcast usually then we may have to ask you host it elsewhere.


Your contact to our universe is through, send us your work and we will post it on the site that this message reaches. Please tell us a little about the writer helping us so we can tell the others about you. Your name, your age, your field of study, social media, anything you feel comfortable with.

We will post too with ideas or themes to inspire you fine writers. We may even post bits of our own work to show you what we are achieving. We hope to hear from you soon. Your help is sorely needed.


Team Luctus,

Broadcasting through Humanity Hallows,

Over and out.


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