The Poem

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By James Harris


This poem, if I wrote it,
Would say something about love,
Something about fear,
Something about wanting
What is already here.
It would mention a feeling
Too difficult to describe,
Like an illusion only visible
From the corner of one eye.
And it would mention you, yes you in some way, you know who you are.
It would dust off old memories,
That describe my journey so far.
It would hint at lost hopes,
And new ones too
It would suggest the beauty of stars

And the comforting watchfulness of a bright, full moon,
This poem, if I wrote it, would turn the heaviness in my heart into the weightlessness of words.

James Harris is 27 and currently studying for an English degree whilst also branching out into creative writing. Of his writing, he says, ‘when I have written something that I am proud of, I feel that I have perhaps improved the bit of world around me, a little each time.’

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