HLSS Student Book Sale Raises Money for Children In Need

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Words by Rachel Bruce and Cerys Jones.

Thursday 31st October saw the launch of the first HLSS Student Book Sale in the Geoffrey Manton Atrium. This charity driven two-day event was organised by MMU alumni Cerys Jones and Rachel Bruce. Students and staff alike flocked to the stall to discover steals to be had.

Prior to the book sale, students priced up their unwanted textbooks and fiction novels and brought them to the organisers to sell on the stall. Ten per cent of all student sales were donated to charity. As the Children In Need telethon is approaching, it was the obvious charity of choice to donate proceeds. Children In Need is a well-publicised BBC run fundraising charity to aid the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. This year the Appeal Night is the 15th of November, which coincided well with the Book Sale. Students and staff had the option to donate books to the sale in order to raise even more money for Children in Need.

Book Sale HQ (otherwise known as the IDEA Office) was flooded with books throughout the week from staff who wanted to donate books and from students who wanted to make money. There was a large variety, from academic textbooks for Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences to fiction and even self-help books. There was something for everyone.

At the Book Sale, students from across the University volunteered to run the stall for the two-day event and in turn were rewarded with MMU Futures points. Many books, including academic textbooks, were half of the price that they can be bought for on the high street and many classics were going for only £1. The deals were hard to resist,
“As well as a couple of cheaper books I decided to spend on a bigger critical anthology. I know it’ll be useful for my studies, and it was even cheaper than offers online!” Kate Dunstone, MA student, told us.
All together, the sale raised £71.16 for Children in Need – a great result! Students selling their books were also pleased, as Amillah Javed expressed, “In my opinion the book sale was a great idea and really useful for us students to sell our unwanted books that we no longer use. As well as helping new students to buy books they need for their units at cheap discounted prices.”

Following on from this success, look out for future events. Watch this space!

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