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Digital Alumni: Katie Hilton

Words by Storm Rannard 

KATIE Hilton graduated from the Graphic Design course at MMU in July 2012 and has gone on to establish herself in the digital creative sector.
You may have seen some of Katie Hilton’s design work before. The MMU graduate had her graphic art showcased on the Corridor Manchester digital screen, on Oxford Road, located at the Mabel Tylecote building at All Saints Campus, following a project she completed in 2012.
“I was in to the digital side of things in University,” says Hilton. “My skill set is in things like animation and I wanted to go into the digital sector – the Corridor project gave me the chance to do that.”
Since completing the project and graduating from MMU, Hilton has gone on to make waves in the creative industry, working full-time for multimedia design agency Drawing Room and continuing to freelance for Corridor Manchester.
The Drawing Room, formerly Vibe Republic, is located within the Sharp Project and has just three staff. This has gifted Hilton with the chance to grow as part of a creative and digital design team.
How did your course prepare you for the world of work?
In third year especially, we had a lot of guest lecturers and workshops with people from the industry. It was nice for people to come in and give you a kick up the backside and let you know what it’s really like out there. We were never forced into a particular career path on the course; it was left open for us to explore. Software was also always readily available and easy to use – if I wanted to make an app or a website, I was able to.
How have you found the transition from student to professional?
I think I bridged it well with the Corridor project. It was nice working for a client as it was a contrast for me. There were certain restrictions on what you could put on the screen, unlike my projects at University. But the biggest learning curve has to be getting my current job; there’s a pressure behind you that’s exciting.
What does you current role involve?
I’ve worked on magazines and websites and we’ve recently pitched a video for the Sharp Project. From day to day I could be working on anything. I’m involved in creative projects, from the first creative spin to the end product.
Does the digital equipment at MMU meet professional standards?
Definitely – I’ve heard about the new art school and its equipment, but even when I was there we had the latest Macs, which I relied heavily on at University. It would have been nice to have more, but I hear there are now!
What’s been the biggest achievement in your professional life so far?
Probably seeing my stuff on the Corridor screen; it was my first major project. Also, between graduating and getting my current job, I had a work placement at Ted Baker down in London as part of the Creative Department. That was an eye opener.
What are your ambitions for the future?
I can see myself staying where I am for quite a while. This job has given me the opportunity to explore different avenues of design which I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. I can see myself growing with this company. It’s a young business with far to go, so it will be nice to see it blossom.
Click here to see some of Katie’s work for Corridor Manchester and follower her on Twitter @_katiehilton

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