140 Characters, Directed by Rosie Stuart and Elisa Amesbury

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norfox, the Library Theatre Company’s Young People’s Theatre Company, are back with a show all about growing up in a world dominated by social media.
A play devised by young people immersed in technology, exploring the darkness and delight of the world at their fingertips. Join us as we untangle the wires, track the trends and decode identity within the information age.
Friday 12th April £7/4
Sat 13th April £7/4

Free entry to MMU staff

And to shape the production they need your help. Submit your stories in 140 characters via Twitter using the hashtag #StoriesGoViral. The stories can be about anything at all; take us on an adventure, make us cry or set our hearts aflutter. Stories may be funny, scary or completely bonkers, as long as they take up no more than 140 characters. The most playful, creative and inspiring stories will be used to develop the show.

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