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    Chilcot Inquiry: Iraq invasion ‘not last resort’

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    By Jack Holmes Sir John Chilcot has released an official investigative inquiry into the Iraq war today. The 2.6 million word long report on the British invasion of Iraq revealed a number of concerning issues including that Britains involvement in the invasion was not the “last resort” it had been described as at the time….

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    Music Picks of the Month: June

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    By Jack Holmes It certainly hasn’t been the best week for students in Britain, but June did bring with it some great new albums that will hopefully take your mind off the fact the country is in pretty rough shape. Here’s a run down of this month’s new releases that you should have a listen…

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    Corbyn Faces no-confidence motion from majority of Labour MPs

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    By Jack Holmes Following last Thursday’s EU referendum vote, as well as the resignation of a number of Labour MPs, the party has now passed a vote of no confidence for Jeremy Corbyn. The vote came out at 172-40 in favour of Corbyn quitting his elected place as head of the party. Shadow chancellor John…

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    Ask the Experts: Manchester Devolution Question Time

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    By Jack Holmes Recently, Manchester Metropolitan University’s (Manchester Met) Faculty of Business and Law began a seminar series on ‘Greater Manchester and the Business of Devolution’, part of the wider 2016/17 D/Evolving Manchester seminar series. In its first event, the faculty offered the public and Manchester Met students and staff a chance to ‘Ask the…

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    If Assassin’s Creed Has Earned A Movie, Why Not These?

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    By Jack Holmes With this year’s E3 reveals now out of the way, we thought it was prime time to take a closer look at the current video game landscape, and more specifically, its tie-ins with the movie industry. This year, Assassin’s Creed will make its big screen debut, and the classic video game franchise…

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