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Call For Submissions: The DISRUPTION Issue

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In each issue, aAh! Magazine interrogates one word which runs as a theme throughout our published submissions. The theme of our next issue is DISRUPTION.

What does it mean to disrupt? Formed from the Latin prefix “dis,” meaning apart or asunder, and the Latin root “rupt,” meaning to break, the word disrupt brings to mind full stops, pauses, moments of drastic change, and interruption. Disruption can come in many forms. We. Use. It. Daily. In. Our. Punctuation. We experience it when the unexpected knock at the door startles us into movement. Our peace of mind is disrupted when we hear news of riots, protests, pandemics, and politics.

The past year has brought disruption into our daily lives in countless ways. The routines, rituals, and habits we took for granted have, for many people, disappeared. Our travel plans, our jobs, and our private lives have been disrupted, and we have all adapted in different ways. It can be frightening at times; it can feel all consuming. But those moments, when the status quo is interrupted or challenged, bring incredible opportunity, opportunity to grow, to develop, to focus, to think, and to change. 

The DISRUPTION Issue is about interruption and pause, yes, but it is also about the things that disruption brings about, the changes that take place, and the way forward. aAh! wants to know what disruption means to you. Is disruption something to be feared, or is it something to be embraced? Can disruption function as a force for good? 

We are looking for features, interviews, previews, opinion, creative prose, poetry, artwork, and photography that offers a critical, insightful and creative slant on the theme of DISRUPTION. We are looking for inventive and thought-provoking perspectives to create a magazine that opens conversation and breaks convention.

aAh! is open to all submissions related to the theme, but here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Politics – Rallies, riots, protests, and disrupted democracy
  • Social – Civil unrest, Black Lives Matter, disregard for pandemic regulations
  • Technology/Media – Disruptive innovation, adaptations to technology, fake news and conspiracy theories, disruption of daily life by technology
  • Travel – Local tourism, changes to tourism, lack of tourism, airline safety
  • Psychology – Disruptive mental health disorders, coping mechanisms, brain function
  • Arts and Entertainment – Events moved online, changes to the film industry, live shows adapting
  • Education/Employment – Graduation plans, fresher experience, online learning, internships, and jobs
  • Health Services – NHS challenges, vaccinations, availability of health services, overcrowding and underfunding
  • Environment – Natural disasters, climate change, environmental policies
  • Disruption in History – Spanish Flu, war, terrorism, economic depression and recession

Have an idea? Email us at to discuss using the subject line ‘DISRUPTION’.

Deadline: Submit a pitch including a draft headline, estimated word count and two sentences describing your proposed piece by Friday 5th February, 2021.

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Natalie Carragher is a lecturer in journalism at Manchester Met. She loves indie magazines and going to gigs. Follow her on Twitter @NatCarragher

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