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Manchester’s vegan revolution? New vegan and wellbeing centre coming to the Northern Quarter

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New vegan and wellbeing centre will offer meals for under a fiver

By Emily Oldfield 

Manchester Vegan and Wellbeing Centre, due to open on the 1st February on the ground floor of Afflecks, is set to be a hub of great value food, free from all animal products and a supportive community space for all. The inspiration for the centre came from the Northern Vegan Festival which took place in Manchester in October 2016 and led the two owners of the Three Minute Theatre towards a vegan lifestyle.

The centre  will serve lunch from 11 am until 3 pm, with hopes for longer hours as the year progresses. Their menu includes quinoa pizzas, raw oatcakes and sweet treats – just a selection of what’s to come – with the majority of prices well under £5. One of the key aims of the Manchester Vegan and Wellbeing Centre is to provide food which is both affordable and healthy; helping to combat the view held by some that vegan food is overpriced and inaccessible.

Directed by Gina Topliss Frost, this is not just a café but a multi-use community space. If you are curious about veganism or just want some dietary advice, there will be a range of workshops based on healthy living. Everyone is welcome; with heart-shaped crockery and a bright colour scheme sending out positive vibes. It will be a place where you can have a chat with friends over lunch, as well as browse a range of resources to boost your wellbeing.

And it doesn’t just help customers; the Manchester Vegan and Wellbeing Centre is set up to help others in the wider community, as will be entirely non-for-profit. Any earnings will go into the Square Circle Theatre project, set up in 2013 to engage with isolated women over 50. To find out more visit their Facebook page.

And that’s not all when it comes to upcoming vegan opportunities in Manchester. It has been recently confirmed that on the 28th January GRUB Food fair will be putting on an ‘ExtraVEGANza’ at the Alphabet Brewery. That means all-vegan street food including tacos, mixed mezze and TEN vegan-friendly beers, from midday to 10 pm.

Another initiative recently launched in the city is Go Vegan World – a campaign organised by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Ireland – putting up billboards and posters with pro-vegan messages.

You can also find Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group on their social meet-ups on the first Saturday of every month at The Eighth Day café, on Oxford Road from 1 pm, and all are welcome.

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