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Manchester Met Women in Leadership Event to provide a learning space for women

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“Collaboration can be such a great thing and I want to build this community of women so we can bounce ideas off each other.”

By Charlie Jordin

Taking your first steps after university can be daunting for every student but women, in particular, can face specific challenges as they venture into the world of work. To help address this issue, Manchester Met student Charlotte Bowers has created an event to inspire and empower female students by providing a space to network and learn from other women.

Charlotte says she “wants to get rid of competition between women… collaboration can be such a great thing and I want to build this community of women so we can bounce ideas off each other. I feel the best way to tackle insecurities is to bring people together in discussion and I want to inspire female students.”

With a series of inspiring guest speakers, the event will tackle women’s insecurities in the workplace through approachable and open discussion. Events will be ongoing, so if you can’t attend this week’s discussion, there will be more in the future.

Students are welcome to attend the free event which takes place at the Manchester Met Union in Conference Room 1 on the 25th of November, starting at 4pm until 6pm. For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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