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Assassin’s Creed Movie coming to UK cinemas in January

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By Leigh Jones

Video gaming has prospered over the past few years, so it is no surprise how well the industry’s financial status has developed. Nonetheless, how do game lovers react when their favourite storylines are adapted into fresh material on the big screen?

2017 will deliver us with yet another adaption, Assassin’s Creed, set to be released in UK cinemas on 1st January. After effectively introducing nine instalments, including eight spins-offs, the film industry agreed that it was time to introduce Patrice Désilets’s brilliant storyline to film. Talented Assassin’s Creed designer, Patrice Désilets, builds the narrative around a fictional history universe. The main character of the game Desmond Miles is revealed to be changed to new leading man Callum Lynch and will be portrayed by the BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award nominee, Michael Fassbender, notoriously known for his roles in X-Men and Steve Jobs.

The initial narrative centres around two covert groups, the ‘Templars’ who desire to control the universe and the ‘Assassins’ who seek to oppose their rivals, and is located within diverse periods of history. As it may be apparent to fans, Mr Fassbender will have no issues depicting both the Assassin in the Inquisition and his descendant in the Animus and prior to working on X-Men, audiences should share this tranquillity.

Despite such a large role being accepted, audiences have already expressed concerns towards the upcoming adaptation, such as that game plots seldom work outside of their medium and do not seem to have the desired outcome, other than television shows such as Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which were a success. It is believed to be a superfluous excuse for the industry to earn money and is the easiest to manipulate.

However, in terms of iconography, there is very little threat as Assassin’s Creed provides viewers with a taste of adventure in an exquisite, historical setting containing science-fiction elements and costume designs that took heed of the details of the original game. As far as accuracy is concerned, the inclusion of a present day scenario is debateable, whilst the historical storyline seems plausible and this part of the franchise has become progressively maligned by fans, resulting in responsibility for the recent degeneration in sales and has influenced developers to rethink the direction of the franchise.

It will be arduous to utterly criticise the upcoming adaption of Assassin’s Creed before the release, thus the producers, at this time, should merely be applauded for the hard work put in and effort to grip lovers of cinema. Yet, it can safely be assumed by certain individuals that this film will become a masterpiece as represented in the new trailer, the promotional posters and the superb selection of gifted actors, including Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson. What is there not to be excited about? Regardless of the question, “Is this adaptation genuinely needed?”, Mr Fassbender’s performance will offer euphoria to avid film lovers, as did his role as Magneto, an assassin minded character, Mr Fassbender will undeniably be able to provide again.


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