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Dealing With University Exams, Assignments and Assessments

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By Nateisha Scott

It is unfortunately coming to that time of the year where assignments and exams are on the horizon. For some, they are before Christmas but for many January is the time to hit the library like no other and eat, sleep and breathe revision! As a third year student, it is coming to the last stretch of the degree and the last rounds of assessments. So I thought it would be useful to any first or second years (even current third years) to receive some advice that will benefit us during the assessment season.

1. Use your tutors for as much support as you need.

The support is around for whenever you need it. All tutors hold office hours that sometimes we don’t always appreciate but utilize them because the personal one-to-one sessions are vital for your own understanding away from the seminars. You can ask those questions that come up when you are researching or revising and get answers that you understand.

2. The library is your friend!

The library holds all our tools to succeed, with 1000s of different research materials at our fingertips; we have no excuse for not researching for assignments. With a 24/7 library to accommodate our needs, use it wisely and properly. Sometimes it does seem a bit of drag, but the warm and peaceful atmosphere is exactly what you need to focus and succeed.

3. Revise with others.

Some students like to revise on their own for full concentration but others much prefer revising with friends! Get together in groups and use your own knowledge to bounce ideas of one another, and whilst having light-hearted fun you will realize just how ‘fun’ revising can be.

4. Be organized.

It is probably the most vital thing to stay on top of university work, with may degree courses involving more than 3 units, the workload can at time be unbearable but with a good strategy, knowing each deadline and preparing time for each assignment, then each assignment and exam need not feel stressful and you as a student not feel confident.

5. Relax! It’s only for a short period of time!

That’s one thing I reckon that we all forget, exams and assignments do not last a lifetime (even though they feel like they do) so take everything at a pace and remember to relax when you need to! It is about striking a balance between revising and relaxing and reward yourself when assessment season is through!

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