Creative Submission: Persephone by Kerry Power

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Featured Image: “The deer whisperer. 🐐🐾🐾🐐” by gusdiaz is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Expelling darkness, I seek light,

The walls vibrate, earth cascades to the ground,

The duality of trepidation and thrill,

Emerging, slowly, though quicker than sound.

The clouds separate into cotton wool balls of whiteness,

The promise of light captures me wholly,

The hairs on my neck stand tall and bold now,

The darkness disperses, slowly, slowly.

The air gently caresses the soft of my cheek,

The sun rays lay kisses upon my head,

The clouds part, my vision unobscured now

I am here, awake, a step ahead.

I look up, the bird flies, I smile,

My feet are rooted, as a tree,

I fill my lungs now, slowly, slowly,

The winter has gone, and the spring’s inside me.

This creative piece was submitted as part of our June Theme: Fairytale. If you would like to submit your own creative work to aAh! Magazine, please email, and be sure to check our latest “Letter from the Editors” to find out next month’s theme.

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Kerry Power

Kerry is studying an MA in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has a degree in law, is a qualified Primary school teacher and is a mum of two boys.

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